[asterisk-dev] channel_read doesnet work for some fd values in ast_channel_set_fd()

Alok Prasad alok.prasad7 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 02:52:16 CST 2011

when i set fd in ast_channel_set_fd(temp,0,fd)
and if
then channel_read function is not polled by asterisk (channel_write
works fine) ,
but All wait realated dialplan function works properly
i.e WaitMusicOnHold(5) plays moh file for 5 seconds and timeouts.

But if fd=3 or greater
then channel_read  function is polled by asterisk along with
channel_write function.
But problem is that wait realated dialplan function nevertimes outs
e.g WaitMusicOnHold(5) never timeouts and plays moh indefinately.

i tried fd with some integer values else well fd that i recived by
open some valid dummy node in
/dev still no effect.

Why for some fd WaitMusicOnHold() works ,but channel_read dostn and
for some other..
Any clue where i am making mistake..


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