[asterisk-dev] what is "which" in ast_channel_set_fd

Alok Prasad alok.prasad7 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 13:21:42 CST 2011

I am trying to Make a Channel Driver for my custom hardware,But facing
problem in polling of FD.

i have few doubts.
1.What is "which" in ast_channel_set_fd(),i.e second parameter of this
2.AST_MAX_FDS is 20 so that this means that ,if allocate a FD whose value is
greater than 20 polling
of read/write wont work.
3.if i use ast_channel_set_fd(temp,0,1) or ast_channel_set_fd(temp,0,2) , i
am not able to hear audio from SIP Phone to my hardware,but if i use greater
than 10 in field of FD its working fine,
but then All wait related function of dialplan never timeouts..eg

In short What fd values should i use for ast_channel_set_fd() and what is
the use of "which" fiedl in this function.

Thanks in advance

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