[asterisk-dev] Media Project Merger

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Thu Feb 3 11:05:09 CST 2011

3 feb 2011 kl. 17.39 skrev Russell Bryant:

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>> I am merging the first phase of my Media Architecture project today,
>> https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1083/. It has been reviewed and
>> tested for quite some time now, and I feel very confident in its
>> quality. Nevertheless given the invasive nature of this patch I want
>> to alert you all to the merger before it happens.
> I'd like to congratulate David on this patch and thank both David and Terry Wilson for working very hard to get this code tested and reviewed over the last couple of weeks.  This is by far the largest patch that has hit reviewboard.
> This patch is a huge deal.  This fixes some architectural limitations that we have been discussing for years.  Asterisk had been limited by the number of codecs it could support.  Asterisk had been limited in its complete inability to describe formats that have attributes.  This has greatly hindered our ability to adopt modern audio codecs as well as improve our support for video.  These limitations have been lifted by this patch.

I agree with Russell. This is work that we have wanted to complete for years and years. I am very happy that we're finally here and wants to join Russell in thanking David and Terry for this work. I am sure this leads to a new generation of Asterisk services that our users are not used to expect from Asterisk. That feels great.

Let the fun part of the work begin! 

I want 3d whiteboarding with mixed video. Any contributors of code?


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