[asterisk-dev] [svn-commits] lathama: trunk r305650 - /trunk/configs/sip.conf.sample

Paul Belanger pabelanger at digium.com
Wed Feb 2 09:51:30 CST 2011

On 11-02-02 07:27 AM, Andrew Latham wrote:
> I verified my development configuration on my office desktop and it
> looks in order.  I verified the bash_history and the commits followed
> the normal order.
> cd 1.6.2
> svn up
> vim filexyz
> svn ci
> <Type / Paste in commit msg>
> cd ../1.8
> svn up
> merge68 <number from prior commit>
> svn ci
$ svn commit -F ../merge.msg

> <Verify commit msg>
> cd ../trunk
> svn up
> svn resolved '.'
> merge8trunk <number from 1.8 commit>
> svn ci
> <Verfiy commit msg>
> I found this in my log for yesterday... If you know what caused this
> then please comment.  I have kept my work very simple while I let this
> cycle sink in....
Everything looks okay. Not sure why 'props changed' is not being committed.



Keep an eye out for the root directory props being modified:

--This line, and those below, will be ignored--

_M   .

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