[asterisk-dev] [Bamboo] Matthew Jordan commented on Asterisk - 1.8 - Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) - amd64 996

Matthew Jordan bamboo at asterisk.org
Tue Dec 27 15:59:07 CST 2011

AST18-LUCID-AMD64-996 commented by Matthew Jordan - 27 Dec 2011, 3:59:07 PM

The MixMonitor test seems a bit brittle - when it checks the size of the created audio files, it does so by subtracting the actual file size from an expected value.  In this particular test failure, the MixMonitor test did record the files - but the second file that was recorded was somewhat shorter then the expected length.  From the logs, it doesn't appear as if anything failed however - so we probably need to revisit the timing on this test to figure out why two recordings would be shorter then the expected length.


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