[asterisk-dev] Not able to play video file in asterisk

shalu dhamija shalu.dhamija at rancoretech.com
Fri Dec 23 07:26:30 CST 2011

In my case, my code does not reach upto point where seeking on file is performed. 

fs = ast_openstream(chan, filename, preflang); 
        if (!fs) { 
                ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Unable to open %s (format %s): %s\n", filename, ast_getformatname_multiple(fmt, sizeof(fmt), chan->nativeformats), strerror(errno)); 

//I am getting this warning and the function returns from here 
                return -1; 

/* check to see if there is any data present (not a zero length file), 
         * done this way because there is no where for ast_openstream_full to 
         * return the file had no data. */ 
        seekattempt = fseek(fs->f, -1, SEEK_END); 



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On 12/23/2011 03:04 PM, shalu dhamija wrote: 
> I am trying to play a video file (H.263 format)  using playback() 
> application. 

You probably need my patch from: 

Though there might be something additional involved too. But there are 
chances that this could fix it all together too. 


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