[asterisk-dev] [Bamboo] Matthew Jordan commented on Asterisk - 10 - Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) 411

Matthew Jordan bamboo at asterisk.org
Wed Dec 21 10:52:08 CST 2011

AST10-LUCID-411 commented by Matthew Jordan - 21 Dec 2011, 10:52:08 AM

So, this is the return of the random Asterisk crash on dlclose while starting up.  This can be reproduced on the vm fairly easily (usually takes about 20 or 30 runs of Asterisk).  After gathering several backtraces, its clear that the DLL that this dies in is not deterministic (everything from channel drivers to res modules - each was different)

Unfortunately, since this is dying in dlclose, without libc debug symbols, its hard to say why its dying.  I attempted to get the debug / devel libraries put on the vm, but since the packages are obtained from journey.digium.internal, which does not contain those packages, this proved to be more difficult then anticipated.


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