[asterisk-dev] Question for new option implementation for MixMonitor

Sergio Gonzalez sgonzalez at presenceco.com
Fri Dec 16 06:44:44 CST 2011

Hi all,

Currently there is a limitation with the use of MixMonitor to record the
same channel to different files. You can start several MixMonitors each one
to its corresponding file, but there is no way to specify to the
StopMixMonitor which monitor you want to stop, it stops one of them but you
have no control on which one to stop. The background problem is that the
datastore created for the MixMonitor has no ID (it is created passing a NULL
to ast_channel_datastore_alloc), so there is no way to later identify the
mixmonitor of interest if there are more than one mixmonitor launched on the
same channel. So the question is, what could be used as datastore ID? I've
thought about using the filename as ID, avoiding the launch of two
mixmonitor using the same file. Do you have any better idea? Thanks in


Sergio González Martín 
Software Engineer

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