[asterisk-dev] IAX Hardphone (again)

Bill Shaw b.shaw at comcast.net
Sat Dec 3 09:56:36 CST 2011

Initially I thought the issue might be that I had not implemented call 
tokens - they weren't called out in the RFC so I missed it in the first 
round.  I added in call tokens last week,  but get the same result - 
Asterisk just ignores my 'new' - no error message,  no indications at 
all that anything is wrong - just ignores the packet.

I've been through all the IEs - Wireshark is OK with all of them except 
the call token stuff so I *think* the IEs I've implemented are OK.  I've 
implemented all the 'required' IEs that are called out in the RFC,  and 
a few others.  I've compared the 'new' that I receive from Asterisk with 
the 'new' that I'm sending to Asterisk and don't see the difference.  
I've implemented all the IEs on the outgoing 'new' that I see in the 
incoming 'new',  but my 'new' gets ignored.

Again,  any hints at all would be greatly appreciated.

> Actually,  'nothing on the console' isn't entirely accurate.  I see 
> Zoiper (from my development system) registering.  I don't see my 
> device sending the 'new' or 'ping's.  They get ignored.
> Best,
> Bill

> Hi All,
> I'm having trouble with an IAX command and was wondering if someone 
> would take a look and maybe point me in the right direction.
> I am running Asterisk on CentOS 5.6.  When I try to set up an 
> incoming call (my hardphone calling to Asterisk) I issue a 'new' 
> packet that is ignored by Asterisk.    There's got to be something 
> wrong with my 'new' packet but I can't see it.  I've uploaded a short 
> Wireshark capture file to:
> http://b.shaw.home.comcast.net/new.pcap
> The players here are:
> - my development system running Zoiper
>   - the Asterisk PBX
> - my IAX hardphone
> You can see my 'new' command at packet #28 in the capture.  I *think* 
> I got all the required information elements but the command is just 
> ignored by Asterisk so my hardphone just keeps retransmitting it.
> I'm in the final stages of development hoping to be able to ship 
> product soon but I am stuck at this point. If someone could take a 
> look and offer some words of wisdom I'd forever be in your debt.
> Thanks,
> Bill

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