[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Support for as-feature-event package

Martin Koenig koenig at starface.de
Fri Apr 1 08:06:29 CDT 2011

Hi Dev,

are there currently any ongoing efforts or plans to integrate the
as-feature-event package into Asterisk?

The package interworks DND and Call Forwarding and ACD States between a SIP
end device and a pbx system. It basically enables the phone to activate call
forwarding and dnd features in the server by sending XML (similar to UACSTA)
bodies as SIP NOTIFY within a SUBSCRIBE dialog to the pbx, and vice versa
enables  PBX to send states to the phone. Basically, no call forwarding or
dnd state is kept in the phone locally anymore, it is displayed in the phone
and implemented in the pbx.

The spec is originally broadsoft, but more and more phones support this
(snom, Yealink/tiptel, aastra, Gigaset, ...), and it is also part of the
snom one / pbxnsip product.

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