[asterisk-dev] Working on adding Camping to asterisk...wouldlikesome feedback

Mitch Sharp MSharp at BIGNetworks.com
Fri Oct 29 17:03:16 CDT 2010

> > A quick discussion on IRC month or so ago, suggested that CCSS may
need to
> > be tweaked to allow a caller to remain on hold (suspend call), then
when the
> > remote party becomes free they are then connected to the caller
> > call) who has been at MOH.
> Actually, there's another subtlety of Camp-On that hasn't been brought
> up in this thread: in all the implementations I've seen, the caller is
> in fact "camped on" the callee's extension, and the callee *cannot*
> receive or place any other calls until after the caller is connected
> them and hangs up. When the callee's current call is disconnected, the
> camped-on call is immediately delivered to them.


It sounds like a dialplan function ISCAMPEDON(Technology/Resource) would
be useful in that regard, unless every other application that sends a
call to a device was updated to offer CCBS instead of actually dialing a
camped on device.


I'm assuming that would mean writing an "incoming" cc_agent_policy???
In the incoming call handling dialplan you would
Set(CALLCOMPLETION(cc_agent_policy)=incoming).  That agent would just
place them in some sort of holding area (a campground?) with music on
hold, instead of hanging up the call.  If the timer expires the call
would be sent to a timeout_macro.

Is that the right thinking in regards to CCSS?

Mitch Sharp (bluecrow76)

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