[asterisk-dev] Why? was: Add a contrib script for generating certs for TLS stuff

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Fri Oct 22 17:06:28 CDT 2010

> TinyCA does this as well; when you create a new 'CA' configuration with
> it, it creates a new directory to hold all the stuff, including an
> OpenSSL (capitalize that name <G>) config file. I've had to modify that
> config file more than one for the certs we generate to use on
> origsvn.digium.com.
> If this is literally just for testing stuff, it's probably OK. It is a
> far cry from what is actually necessary to actually manage even a small
> CA, though.

Agreed. Someone that is really wanting to manage lots of certs and their own CA isn't going to want to do that with a little script. When I'm updating the documentation for SIP TLS stuff, I'll try to point people to TinyCA and other tools. Keychain Access on the Mac allows you to create CAs and manage certs, etc. as well.

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