[asterisk-dev] Why? was: Add a contrib script for generating certs for TLS stuff

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Fri Oct 22 16:37:11 CDT 2010

> Just curious,
> As there are about a dozen or so tools for making/maintaining
> certificates, why create another?

Mostly because it is fairly easy to create and I don't like having to direct people to install other tools which are often bundled with some un-related package (openvpn for easyssl, as an example).

> I would rather expect to see explained how to generate certificates with
> allready available tools...., nor re-re-re-inventing the wheel!

I completely agree. I plan on updating the SIP TLS docs to show how to generate the certs both with the script (for the ;tldr crowd) and with openssl directly.


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