[asterisk-dev] Why? was: Add a contrib script for generating certs for TLS stuff

Terry Wilson twilson at digium.com
Fri Oct 22 16:23:56 CDT 2010

> As we move forward and correct all the issues with our TLS implementation and update it, we will have to support
> some SIP-specific parameters in certificates that these tools currently haven't implemented in an easy way.
> There might be reasons for using a version of the script in combination with the provisioning server too to generate client certificates.

One of the things it allows is passing in an openssl config file, where those values could reside. It actually generates a default openssl config file and uses that for the values that are passed. It will be very easy to add additional fields.

> I vote for adding this script here to prepare for this potential glorius future. Good work, Terry!

Thanks. :-)


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