[asterisk-dev] badshell

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Wed Oct 20 06:16:51 CDT 2010


While reviewing patches used by Debian, I noted that we carry a little
patch from:


This one disables the "badshell" test. Originally it was essential, as
we always packaged tarballs that had "~dfsg" in the name. As of
or so the Asterisk tarball has become completely DFSG-compliant[1] and
hence there isn't always a ~ in the path. But whenever I want to try
packaging an RC, the problem would pop up again.

What interactive shells (that people actually use) have this problem?
Do people actually encounter that 'badshell' error?

As a side note, another minor sad result of the tarball becoming
DFSG-comliant was that we could no longer strip out the big MOH files
from it. Compare

size of the tarball: 7,234,430

size of the tarball: 23,042,789

Most of this is the extra two tarballs of the MOH sound files and the
much smaller core sound files (we still package the latter from the
asterisk tarball, but plan to remove it in the future, as we package the
asterisk core sound files separately).

[1] not containing any components that are non-free according to the
Debian Free Software Guidelines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DFSG
The last remaining items were the FPM music-on-hold files, whose
license forbade any other usage, and the iaxy firmwares, whose source
was not provided.

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