[asterisk-dev] the strictrtp feature is almost useless

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Wed Oct 13 10:43:51 CDT 2010

Am 13.10.2010 16:20, schrieb Kristijan Vrban:
> The question the the dev list, can this issue fix at all? Because to
> fix it, there is need any unique identifier in the rtp
> packet itself. to match if this is the right or wrong rtp packet.

You would need a different latch-in algorithm - e.g. not the first RTP 
packet received, but the first RTP packet received from the IP address 
from which the SIP messages was received.

Of course this will not work in setups were RTP and SIP use different IP 
addresses or if there is a SIP proxy between client and Asterisk.

So, depending on your scenario it makes things better or worse.


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