[asterisk-dev] With Asterisk and IAXModem, sender number is empty in Hylafax

Songtao Yu yustao_2002 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 9 03:01:45 CDT 2010

Hi All,

I am using the Asterisk, IAXModem1.2.0 and Hylafax6.0.4. Everything is fine except that Hylafax can NOT get the sender number like below:
# faxinfo /var/spool/hylafax/recvq/fax000000001.tif
     Pages: 7
   Quality: Normal
      Page: ISO A4
  Received: 2010:10:09 14:46:59
TimeToRecv: 0:01:06
SignalRate: 14400 bit/s
DataFormat: 2-D MMR
ErrCorrect: Yes

As what we have seen, the item "Sender" is empty.  And my IAXModem configuration is as below:
cat /etc/iaxmodem/ttyIAX0
device          /dev/ttyIAX0
owner           uucp:uucp
mode            660
port            4570
refresh         50
peername        iaxmodem0
secret          passwd
codec           alaw

Thanks for your help in advance,
Songtao Yu
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