[asterisk-dev] [feature request] Enabling usegmtime for pgsql cdr driver.

Басов Евгений worklord at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 8 09:43:54 CDT 2010


I'm using asterisk- with pgsql-backend for CDR. For [odbc] and
[csv] works usegmtime option but for [pgsql] it not. In source files I
find strings:

1. cdr/cdr_csv.c

ast_localtime(&when, &tm, usegmtime ? "GMT" : NULL);

2. cdr/cdr_odbc.c

ast_localtime(&cdr->start, &tm, ast_test_flag(&config, CONFIG_USEGMTIME)
? "GMT" : NULL);

3. cdr/cdr_pgsql.c

ast_localtime(&cdr->start, &tm, NULL);


ast_localtime(&cdr->start, &tm, NULL);


ast_localtime(&cdr->end, &tm, NULL);

So we can see that usegmtime is disabled in sources pgsql.c.

May anyone developer enable this feature in the next relace of asterisk?

        Basov Evgeny.

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