[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] adding CLI function sip show dialogs

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Wed Oct 6 01:35:14 CDT 2010

Am 05.10.10 22:29, schrieb Russell Bryant:
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>> 5 okt 2010 kl. 17.21 skrev sst at sil.at:
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>>> Using sip show objects to check sip dialogs is not very usefull and
>>> blocks the peer container unnecessary.
>>> i have written this function sip show dialogs which checks the three
>>> container where dialogs could be included and just print them out.
>> This is really just for developers and testing, right? COuld it be
>> hidden in normal installations?
hello Olle,

Yes this is for developers and debuging but i think sip show objects is
nearly the same, so maybe this cli function should also be hidden by

> This could be easily accomplished using the AST_DEV_MODE define (I think that's what it is) which is enabled when the configure script has been run with --enable-dev-mode.
> --
> Russell Bryant

Thanks Russel, i will have a look at this.

best regards


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