[asterisk-dev] Unable to load module

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Oct 5 15:58:44 CDT 2010

  I'm fixing some bugs in a module and I have strange problems. After
recompiling the module, it cannot be loaded to the Asterisk anymore:

gamera1*CLI> module load chan_ooh323.so
Unable to load module chan_ooh323.so
Command 'module load chan_ooh323.so ' failed.

I know that ooh323 is unsupported module, as well as I know, that 1.6.1,
which I'm using, is unsupported Asterisk branch, but I'm asking a generic
question: The function in the module I'm patching is very deep in the ASN1
parsing code, it is not related to the module initialization, for sure.
I'm adding more cases to the switch command, and when I add 5 cases, it
never can be loaded. If I add just one case (any of the five), the module
can be loaded. And for various combinations of cases, it sometimes can and
somtimes cannot be loaded. It looks like it depends on a length of the
code or something similar. I've added a big fat debug message to the
beginning of the module init code and it is not printed, so the init code
is not even called. It looks like the module loader simply refuses to
  ldd'ing the module doesn't show anything suspicious, it just links 
against general libraries, exactly as another modules (and it doesn't
differ for loadable and unloadable version of the module). 
Of course, compilation and linking of the module goues smoothly with no
warnings. I'm really stuck here, because I absolutely don't understand,
what's going on here. Any hints ?
  With regards, Pavel.


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