[asterisk-dev] need help debugging a deadlock in

Antonio Goméz Soto antonio.gomez.soto at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 15:37:40 CDT 2010

Op 05-10-10 22:31, Russell Bryant schreef:
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>> Hello,
>> I am new to this list. I have a deadlock in, that I am trying
>> to debug myself.
>> What happens is there are two threads that lock resources in a
>> different order causing a deadlock.
>> The threads are:
>> 1. from taskprocessor handle_statechange() is called.
>> This one locks ast_rdlock_contexts, and then eventually call
>> cb_extensionstate()
>> which immediately does a sip_pvt_lock()
>> 2. do_monitor calls sipsock_read() which calls handle_request_do()
>> which calls
>> find_call(), which does a sip_pvt_lock() too.
>> The incoming request is a subscription, so it calls ast_get_hint(),
>> which calls
>> ast_hint_extension() which calls ast_rdlock_contexts(). Deadlock.
>>  From what I know, I'd say the last thread uses the wrong order. It
>> would probably
>> not be appropriate to lock the contexts for each incoming request
>> would it?
>> Can anyone suggest how to handle this?
> I have a patch that I started working on last week for Asterisk 1.4 that would address this deadlock.  It will eventually have to be ported to all versions of Asterisk.
> The change that I made was to change the operation of thread #1.  I modified the storage of hints to use astobj2.  The code path in #1 no longer holds the hints lock and contexts lock while processing each configured hint.

Can you send me this patch? My asterisk machine deadlocks every two days,
and my users are complaining. I can port it to and test it.


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