[asterisk-dev] Oracle/Sun developer contacts?

John Todd jtodd at digium.com
Tue Oct 5 14:34:54 CDT 2010

All -
   Does anyone on the list have a good contact in the development arm  
of Oracle/Sun?  I'm looking for someone from the Telecom side of the  
house, probably.  I'd like to see if I can reach someone who is  
working on Asterisk-related tasks, to try to talk with them about some  
specific things that Sun is doing about reliability and if they'd want  
to assist us in some development work.  We have a lot of items in the  
issue tracker as ideas and partial code that if realized would make  
Asterisk much stronger, and there are firms like Oracle/Sun that have  
the ability to do it, and maybe would, too, if asked in the right  
way.  There are even some things (video processing, for example) which  
could take advantage of some of the special stuff in (for instance)  
the Sparc chips that would not directly benefit Asterisk, but would in  
secondary ways help the project.

   Alas, Stephen Uhler does not appear to work there any longer - he  
was a great help in years past, but his mail bounces now.

   I'm not picking on Oracle/Sun - other big companies like IBM would  
be appreciated, too, but I'll just work on one at a time - there only  
so many windmills I can tilt against at once.


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