[asterisk-dev] sip.conf limitonpeer and counteronpeer removed?

John Fawcett john.ml at erba.tv
Sat Jun 26 03:13:07 CDT 2010

On 25/06/10 19:28, Mark Michelson wrote:
> limitonpeer is not in because the option would no longer
> actually do anything if enabled. The reason was that in 1.6.1, the 
> sip_user and sip_peer structures were merged together, and so there no 
> longer is a special case needed to say to apply the configured 
> call-limit on a peer in addition to the user.
> call-limit still works in a peer context, though I am not sure at all 
> why it was removed from the global context. The note about call-limit 
> being removed in a future version is likely untrue, since the policy of 
> Asterisk since the time that this entry in UPGRADE.txt was written has 
> changed to not remove options unless they prove to be a hindrance to 
> keep around or have security problems.
> As Bradley Watkins has already pointed out to you, the "callcounter" 
> option can be used in the general section, so this may suffice for your 
> current needs. The option is documented in the CHANGES file, likely 
> because it was not meant to be a replacement for call-limit, so much as 
> it is meant to be an alternative for those who wish to have SIP device 
> state updates without having to place a limit on the number of calls a 
> peer may have at a time.
> Hope this helps out some.
> Mark Michelson
Hi Mark
thanks for that reply. My suggestion would be to update
UPGRADE-1.6.txt at least in 1.6.2 branch since people upgrading
from an earlier version will go now to 1.6.2. They will read
that limitonpeer is deprecated and replaced by counteronpeer
when neither option is still present. It might also be worthwhile
to extend the note on callcounter option to explicity state it
substitutes limitonpeer.
I can submit the changes as a proposed documentation patch
if that helps.

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