[asterisk-dev] Relating Monitor Recording to a Call Unique ID

M Metzger matt.metzger at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 08:02:23 CDT 2010

Oh, I see. Is there a reliable way in which people can find an audio file
relating to a call? If not by uniqueID, in some other way? Is there a way to
inject a custom value into the monitor recording that relates it to the
call? It would be just as good for me to place an external record id (of my
own) into the recording filename. I just need to be able to find the
recording tied to the call.



On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 7:55 AM, Dave Woolley <david.woolley at bts.co.uk>wrote:

> Steve Totaro wrote:
> > How can I relate the Asterisk call initiating UniqueID to
> > the monitor audio recording filename - with certainty? It to
> > appears the monitor files are a collection of values, one part to
> > of which seems to be a one-off of the Asterisk call originating to
> > UniqueID. Do these relate the same every time. I cannot tell if to
> > the monitor file will contain the call initiating UniqueID + 1 to
> > every time or if this is an inconsistent process. Please let me to
> > know. Also, please let me know if clarification is needed.
> You would need to look up the bridged peer at run time.  The unique-ID
> is composed of the time, to the second, and a sequential integer.  The
> time part might differ if the incoming and outgoing channels were
> created across a second boundary, and the sequence number might differ
> from being one greater if another channel creation intervened.  You
> really need to treat this value as opaque.
> I'm not sure if this is more of a support question than a developer one.
> As this is a public list, the confidentiality part of the following
> doesn't apply.
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