[asterisk-dev] 0017234: [patch] Memory leak in manager.c - eqe should never be null!

Dave Woolley david.woolley at bts.co.uk
Mon Jun 7 12:22:36 CDT 2010

I don't believe the latest fix to issues 0017234
<https://issues.asterisk.org/view.php?id=17234> can have addressed the
fundamental cause of the actual crash.  That's because it is defending
against a condition that should be impossible.  session->last_ev is,
currently, always set non-null before the session is added to the
sessions list and should never be allowed to go null again once it is on
that list.  The purge_sessions function, picks it from the sessions
list, so should never receive a null last_ev pointer, so it looks to me
that suppressing the use count decrement when it is null is simply
papering over cracks.

I can't work out how last_ev could get null.

Unless I can understand why it gets null, I can't be sure that the same
problem won't occur for TCP AMI, and if it can, know how to test that it
is fixed for our usage. 

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