[asterisk-dev] format_g723.c broken in 1.6

Arkadi Shishlov arkadi.shishlov at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 14:32:00 CDT 2010

I was advised that .g723 sound files stopped working in Asterisk 1.6.
And indeed format_g723.c is broken.
Just fixed it to match how format_g729 is written.
Not sure that its a correct fix, because:
1. g723 is dual-rate codec, I hardcoded it to 6.3kbps and it will break
g723_write()->g723_read() in case peer is sending 5.3kbps.
2. Nor there is any compatibility left to support timestamp+size+frame stream
format. I assume this is not important because nobody complained. Its just raw
data now, like g729.

Could someone knowledgeable review the changes - the full story is here

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