[asterisk-dev] How to split Asterisk packages

Alan Jones skyphyr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 03:05:45 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I'm working on packaging Asterisk for Pardus and I've got it compiling with most
features enabled. I have missed some where the dependencies were a little
involved and supported features (that to someone with very limited asterisk
experience) seemed esoteric. Though if there is anything I really should include
that's not there yet please let me know.

So I'm now trying to figure out how best to split it all into separate
packages as
it has everything in one.

You can find the filelist here (apologies for the quick file post
link, I didn't know
what the policy was regarding attachments on the list)


Anyway - the headers would go in a -devel package, the pdf in a -doc package,
sounds would be split by language, codec, and I guess core and extra (though
how do I tell them apart once it's in the final directory structure?).
Also are the
empty .asterisk*sounds* files required? Any others I should delete?

Then when it gets to modules etc I get extra unsure what should be done. Is it
worth spitting these apart? i.e. I have the dahi kernel modules and dahdi-tools
in other packages as their source is separate. Should the dahdi dependent
asterisk config and modules be split out? Then there's all the other ones and
where it starts/ends becomes especially unclear to me.

Sorry for that getting a little ramblingish. It's a fairly complicated system.
Anyway - what would you all consider to be your ideal setup for splitting and



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