[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] Properly route responses according to the Via headers in the request

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Thu Dec 30 09:52:07 UTC 2010

30 dec 2010 kl. 09.56 skrev Alex Hermann:

> On Wednesday 29 December 2010 20:06:34 Matthew Nicholson wrote:
>> In the latest patch, responses are routed to the address they were received
>> from except if maddr is set in the via header.
> Some comments about the latest patch (sorry, i have no reviewboard account, so 
> i do this per email).
> 1) get_header returns the full header line of the first Via it finds. This can 
> be a comma separated list of Via's. When you check for maddr, it is very 
> possible to find the maddr of the second or more via entry in that header. 
> Somewhere, the header returned by get_header must be limited to the first via, 
> ie up to the first comma.
I just added a comment about that, good catch. We need to separate via processing
from retrieval of header.
> 2) get_header does not automatically find the first via if the first via is in 
> compact form. If the incoming request has 2 via header, of which the first is 
> in compact form (v:) and the second in standard form (Via:), get_header will 
> return the second Via header instead of the first, breaking your logic.

get_header has a support function called find_alias it use to find compact versions of the headers.

Thanks for the feedback.

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