[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Community Mailing Lists Service Disruption

Asterisk Development Team asteriskteam at digium.com
Wed Dec 15 14:19:31 UTC 2010

The system that hosts the Asterisk community mailing lists 
(lists.digium.com) experienced some failures yesterday, and as a result 
the lists have been moved to a new system (with the same name).

During this process, it is possible that outbound messages queued for 
delivery to some list subscribers were lost, and it is also possible 
that some messages sent by subscribers were never received by the list 
server. If you feel you may have missed some mailing list messages, feel 
free to review the list archives as they should contain all messages 
that were actually received by the list server.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience due to this 

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