[asterisk-dev] Asterisk Media Architecture project

David Vossel dvossel at digium.com
Wed Dec 8 16:46:02 UTC 2010


I'm working on a long term project that involves completely reworking how media is handled in Asterisk.  I have spent the last month researching solutions for the problems in Asterisk's current media architecture and creating a high level design document outlining my approach to fix them.

Here is a link to the design proposal on the new Asterisk wiki.

This document covers quite a bit of topics.  The best place to start reading to decide if this is something you are interested in or not is the "Project Requirements" section, but I'm going through out some requirement keywords for you below to help out.

- H.264
- Improved translation path generation to work with all media types
- Video transcoding
- Multiple Steams with translation paths
- No format bit field limits
- Renegotiation media after call setup
- Negotiating media formats containing attributes (Request video with the parameters you actually want)

I need your feedback.  If any of this interests you then read the document, or at least the areas that concern you, and post your comments.  Please keep this discussion on the -dev list.


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