[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] use cli_alias.conf and optimize fastagi tests.

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Thu Dec 2 21:18:24 UTC 2010

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Review request for Asterisk Developers.


v2: I've reverted the change to cli_originate().  A future patch will remove cli_exec() from being exposed to wrapper functions that use it.  This will allow use to control the cli logic in one place, our library not within multiple tests.


This patch deals to 2 issues, removing cli logic to determine Asterisk version (cli_alias.conf) and optimizing fastagi.  If needed I can break them out into separate merges, I was tied of waiting for fastagi to finish.

1. Since Asterisk 1.6.2+ has the ability to use CLI alias, we should use it.  We'll be adding to the code coverage matrix.  I've removed all logic and functions that check the version of Asterisk before issuing a CLI command.  Since 1.4 is the oldest revision we are testing with, all CLI syntax MUST be written with 1.4 in mind. If your test is not written for 1.4, you'll then make your CLI commands compatible with the next revision up, 1.6.2.

2. I've reworked the fastagi tests, increasing performance on FreeBSD from 22mins to 2mins.   Most of the issues revolved around static timeouts within the tests, I've removed them in favor of dynamic timeouts.  I've also move starting / stopping outside the scope of the tests as the test should NOT depend on Asterisk starting or stopping. 

Diffs (updated)

  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/execute/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/database/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/control-stream-file/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/connect/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/configs/ast1/extensions.conf 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/channel-status/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/directed_pickup/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/chanspy/chanspy_w_mixmonitor/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/chanspy/chanspy_barge/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/callparking/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/blind-transfer-parkingtimeout/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/lib/python/asterisk/asterisk.py 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/configs/cli_aliases.conf PRE-CREATION 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/get-data/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/hangup/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/record-file/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-alpha/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-date/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-datetime/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-digits/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-number/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-phonetic/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/say-time/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/stream-file/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/tests.yaml 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/fastagi/wait-for-digit/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/feature_attended_transfer/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/feature_blonde_transfer/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/iax2/basic-call/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/mixmonitor/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/mixmonitor_audiohook_inherit/run-test 1041 
  asterisk/trunk/tests/one-step-parking/run-test 1041 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1045/diff


Local box, and slow FreeBSD system.  Both passed.

Asterisk 1.4 and trunk.



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