[asterisk-dev] Distributed events via XMPP

kael ka-el at laposte.net
Fri Sep 4 17:30:19 CDT 2009

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On 07/08/2009 01:50 AM, Brad Watkins wrote:
> I'm currently working on implementing distributed events via XMPP PubSub 
> (XEP-0060, XEP-0248), and I have a couple of design choices to make.
> First, the access model for publishing items.  I'm leaning towards using 
> whitelist, because it limits what JIDs have access while being easy to 
> implement.  What I'm wondering about here is whether it makes sense to 
> reuse the "buddy" configuration elements in jabber.conf to add JIDs to 
> the whitelist.  The alternative is to have a very similar configuration 
> option for affiliations, and the associated structure to hold that 
> information.
> The primary downside to the latter option is simply that it complicates 
> the aji_client structure for what amounts to the same kind of information.
> I'm not sure I've thought my cunning plan all the way through here, so 
> flames/trolls/comments/alternatives are highly welcome.
> The second thing that I need input on is with respect to the actual 
> items being published.  For instance, for device states one option is to 
> use PIDF (RFC3863) with extensions.  But that seems a little heavy, and 
> may perhaps not be entirely applicable.
> I'd prefer to use some kind of standard representation if one exists, 
> but I don't want to put any square pegs in round holes as it were.  So 
> here, too, all comments are appreciated.

On the SIP-XMPP list I've suggested to map MWI into Pubsub messages 

A new Pubsub profile could be defined for this kind of notifications. It 
could use a PEP-like model (cf. 
<http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0163.html>) where nodes are associated 
to the user JabberID and hence easily discoverable by Jabber clients.

Regarding the payload format, PIDF seems a bit verbose although I have 
no real opinion on which format to use. There's a draft for PIDF over 
XMPP <http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-saintandre-xmpp-pidf>.

I guess there would be two types of payload or to dissociable parts in 
one payload containing the count of messages and the message summary.

BTW wondering, what is the state of art of the Asterisk SIP-XMPP gateway ?


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