[asterisk-dev] Confused with release numbers, how to manage incremental patching ?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Tue Oct 27 07:12:32 CDT 2009

Pavel Troller wrote:

>   My question is: What will be the next base of the "regular" patch (i.e.
>, as announced) ? Will it be, or ? If the later
> is true, I can safely skip the .8 patch, because I'm not caring about the
> problem (not using ACLs in SIP). But if the first is true, what I'm supposed
> to do ? Unpatch to the pure .6, then patch to .8 and then patch with .9-rc1 ?
> Will it contain all the changes contained in .7-rc1 and .7-rc2 ? I'm really
> confused by this strange numbering... 

It's not strange numbering, and it was clearly documented in the release

The answer to your direct question is yes, the patch will be
against, since that is the previous release. It will contain all
changes in the 1.6.1 branch since was released, which will
include everything that was in the release candidates, the
security fix that went into, and any further bug fixes committed
since was released.

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