[asterisk-dev] app_page code

Jeremy Kister asterisk-01 at jeremykister.com
Tue Oct 27 02:36:39 CDT 2009

using app_page on asterisk, as documented, the 'q' option only
determines if the /caller/ is sent a 'beep' tone when entering conferencing.

with auto-answer turned on with my cisco 7940 phones, anyone can page my 
phone and listen to what i'm doing without me realizing it (unless i look
at the phone to see it's on speakerphone) -- a lethal combination.

can someone make code that we can shim so that a playfile is played to all 
the /callees/ when entering the conference ?

I've made several fruitless changes in apps/app_page.c, but im no asterisk 


Jeremy Kister

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