[asterisk-dev] Using the digium board drive. What's the meaning of num and order in struct t4?

张Zhang zlqhope at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 22 20:54:34 CDT 2009

Recently I use two boards of digium, but I dont know how to recgonize which card is the first and second? I set the two cards ident wheel as 0 and 1, but in the zttool shows the first card is the ident wheel =1? Why!? 

I read the dirve of the cards, and found in the t4 struct 

struct t4 {
 /* This structure exists one per card */
 struct pci_dev *dev;  /* Pointer to PCI device */
 unsigned int intcount;
 int num;   /* Which card we are */
 int t1e1;   /* T1/E1 select pins */
 int globalconfig; /* Whether global setup has been done */
 int syncsrc;   /* active sync source */
 struct t4_span *tspans[4]; /* Individual spans */
 int numspans;   /* Number of spans on the card */
 int blinktimer;
 int alarmpos;
 int irq;   /* IRQ used by device */
 int order;   /* Order */



What is the difference between num and order?

Can anybody tell me? Thanks very much!!
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