[asterisk-dev] select() and friends in Asterisk limit fd usage to 1024

Kevin Stewart kevins at callplus.co.nz
Wed Oct 14 17:46:24 CDT 2009

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Moises Silva wrote:
>> To fix this problem I see 2 possibilities. Either we get rid completely
>> of select when poll is available (which is supposed to be a bit slower
>> than select) or we to add a new compilation flag to allow users to
>> decide, something like LOTS_OF_FDS, in such cases Asterisk would simply
>> not use select and use poll in ast_select, and any place where select()
>> is hard coded should be moved to use ast_select or some other wrapper.
> I'd be fine with just switching to poll() for everything.
we still have the problem that imap-uw for imap based voicemail is still
using select so have a limit on FDs there
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