[asterisk-dev] Segfault Asterisk on Debian Lenny AMD64

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Wed Oct 14 11:36:56 CDT 2009

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) schrieb:
> I have been experiencing this problem on two servers. They are also running
> Debian Lenny AMD64 but hardware is different.
> The message is:
> asterisk[2352]: segfault at 10 ip 7f412f8e94aa sp 40779c90 error 4 in
> libpthread-2.7.so
> Asterisk version is 1.4.24
> Did you resolve the problem anyway?
Hello jon,

By now we have upgraded our both servers to debian lenny 64 bit and it 
happens on both machines, around 1 time per weak.

Do you use zaptel or dahdi? cause i believe the problem is only when 
using zaptel on debian lenny.

best regards


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