[asterisk-dev] Channel support for GSM devices

Odicha odi at odicha.net
Tue Oct 13 20:09:33 CDT 2009

What about using same schema as chan_mobile for send/receive sms? Any idea?

Odicha escribió:
> Some tests made. One OpenVox G400P working on asterisk 1.6.1 (4 gsm 
> channels). Now working on Huawei modems...
> My idea.
> One gsm library - jagsmlib (just another gsm lib... original....). 
> It'll be as libpri for gsm channels...
> A mod for chan_dahdi, it adds support for gsm channels...
> channels for dahdi (per hardware basis)
> It's only going to support voice till there's a clear and unique way 
> to "move" text messages in asterisk, so I'm not going to do nothing 
> about sms till that moment... We can add support for it easily later
> Odicha escribió:
>> Fine. If you are going to make tests with Huawei modems I'll do my 
>> efforts with another hardware (no twice we do the same... :-) )
>> Artem Makhutov escribió:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 06:14:00PM +0100, Odicha wrote:
>>>> Moises Silva escribió:
>>>>> Hola Odicha, un gusto verte por aqui :-)
>>>>> On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 5:00 AM, Odicha <odi at odicha.net  
>>>>> <mailto:odi at odicha.net>> wrote:
>>>>>     My proposal goes through using a model similar to chan_dahdi with a
>>>>>     common interface towards Asterisk and connect with specific
>>>>>     modules for
>>>>>     each class of hardware device, simplifying management tasks. For
>>>>>     example, to send an sms through any supported device to follow the
>>>>>     protocol to asterisk would face exactly the same.
>>>>> I am a newbie in this gsm thing, but eager to learn and contribute  
>>>>> because it sounds like a very interesting area to work on. I'd like to  
>>>>> have your opinion on how your proposal relates to Giovanni Maruzzelli  
>>>>> project GSMOpen http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/GSMopen , which 
>>>>> apparently is something like the second generation celliax? 
>>>> Hi Moises!
>>>> Really it's related, but my thinking is make it part of dahdi, so we  
>>>> have only one "hardware layer". Not a different channel, because it's  
>>>> simpler and clever have only one hardware layer channel. I'm working at  
>>>> now on pci gsm multisim cards (opvx g440p). I'll have something working  
>>>> this weekend, but I'm using Junnghanns libgsmat library, as Tzafrir  
>>>> guided me, so in principle it can't not be added to dahdi trunk because  
>>>> of code policy (perhaps a rewrite of libgsmat solves it).  Working on  
>>>> signalling now....
>>> This sound interesting. I can try to make chan_datacard using it.
>>> Regards, Artem
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