[asterisk-dev] Request for Testing: 0015757: [branch] Add support for distributing device state and MWI via XMPP PubSub

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Fri Oct 9 08:21:38 CDT 2009

Hey all!

Just wanted to request some testers of a new branch for distributed device state 
via XMPP.

The advantage to this over the currently in place OpenAIS system is that you can 
use this over the Internet, and not just on LAN (low latency) networks. I've 
tested both this and OpenAIS, and both work remarkably well.

An advantage OpenAIS has over this method is not having the necessity to setup 
an XMPP server, so OpenAIS is simpler to setup initially. If you're just using 
this on a LAN network, you may not need this, unless of course you want to take 
advantage of having the XMPP server for other uses.

I have written up some documentation on the issue tracker as well to help in 
assisting with testing. The documentation needs to be reviewed and used by 
someone who hasn't already set up the services in order to see what I'm missing, 
or what doesn't make sense.

Any feedback on the XMPP code, or the documentation is appreciated! I just wrote 
the documentation. The code was written by Marquis.

More information here, including the link to the branch.


Leif Madsen.

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