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Thu Jan 15 22:29:28 CST 2009

implementation, I can offer that it is possible to operate a pair of trunked
Gig-E ports at FULL speed carrying about 110-115 MB / second of very low
latency iSCSI traffic.

I am sure that many of the performance tuning techniques that are used for
iSCSI implementations, as well as high-end Linux routing platforms would be
applicable to performance tuning for Asterisk.

In my personal experiences, Asterisk 1.2 fell over at around 220 concurrent
calls using SIPP. As a result, I generally limit the number of calls any
single Asterisk server handles to 200 maximum.

Based on some of the testing that Jeremy was doing in the Code Zone 3 years
ago at Astricon, 1.4 made some improvements to that, but still topped out at
about 400 concurrent calls.

I'd love to see 10,000 calls on a single Asterisk server, but wow.. that's
going to require an incredible amount of effort as well as changes to the
Asterisk code base!

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