[asterisk-dev] chan_sip.c - no reply to critical packet

James Golovich james at gnuinter.net
Sat Jan 31 12:49:29 CST 2009

Gregory Boehnlein wrote:
> I think I found the source of the issue..
> During the initial invite the RPID is set to:
> Remote-Party-ID: "pending"
> <sip:4404530804 at>;party=calling;screen=yes;privacy=off
> The Info packet contains an update to the RPID line:
> Remote-Party-ID: "Cell Phone   OH"
> <sip:>;party=called;screen=no;privacy=off
> So.. there has to be a way to have the Cisco wait to initiate the SIP call
> until the Q.931 data is received so that the  RPID is sent in the initial
> invite....
> Anyone have any ideas?

It's been a while since I worked on a cisco voice platform, but unless
things have changed in the past few years I think the only way your
going to get a delay is to use a TCL script.

Before I sent off this message and show how out of the cisco voice game
I am I did some googling to see if there was a better answer and found:

Not sure exactly which part of the cisco config does the magic but its
in there somewhere.

James Golovich <james at gnuinter.net>

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