[asterisk-dev] chan_sip SIP Authentication

Johansson Olle E oej at edvina.net
Fri Jan 30 06:43:05 CST 2009

30 jan 2009 kl. 10.42 skrev Klaus Darilion:

> This also shows that "user" should also evaluate the domain part, not
> only the user part.

I can't agree more. It's been in my plans forever, but we can only  
change a bit
per release of Asterisk. I added domain support a few releases ago and
it's stable now. I have changed the peer data structure every release
and now, when we have 1.6.1 out, I've removed the user structure

And if you've seen some of my latest commits I'm restructuring some of
the source code now to be able to have some of the sip.conf
settings apply per domain.

We're getting there. Soon, but not fast enough for everyone.


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