[asterisk-dev] chan_sip SIP Authentication

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Thu Jan 29 01:54:43 CST 2009

asterisk at ntplx.net schrieb:
> I know this is a can of worms and I'm just getting into a hornet's nest
> with this. I understand that it's a bad idea to mix phone numbers
> and device names. But I'm looking for some answers to internal asterisk
> programming questions.... It is not my intent to drag everyone into this,
> but this is the DEV list...
> On my PRI gateway I an using RPID to transfer the CID info and I
> force the "from" to just be "asterisk" to avoid auth issues. But this
> is causing some issues when RPID does not work correctly.
> But I am looking to solve this for my self. I am looking at two
> ways to "solve" this issue. One is to match the peer first, the second
> is to match the peer after an auth fail. If I match the peer first
> then it seems to match a known "friend" as a peer...I guess because
> a "friend" is a peer when it's known.
> Correct? Known friends are IP peers in the too?????
>> If you set type=peer it won't. type=friend will. But a friend
>> is still a peer in memory. I have not changed configuration ...yet.
> So if I match peers first, before user names, what problem am
> am I going to cause when I match friends as peers?

What for are you using "friends" at all?


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