[asterisk-dev] p2p asterisk action

Mark Spowage spowage at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 13:30:23 CST 2009

hello all & matt

via gtalk can asterisk/nat p2p with asterisk/nat ?
tests here show ast/nat/gtalk p2p with google/gtalk/nat ok !

however via ast 1.4 ast/gtalk/nat p2p ast/gtalk/nat failing

does ast 1.6 with libjingle find a way to match google/gtalk/nat ?

could not find any response on IRC or else where

time to give ast 1.6 chan_jingle a test ride to see if
ast/jingle/nat will p2p with ast/jingle/nat

why let skype have all the p2p action ?

thx !

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