[asterisk-dev] Access to encryption functions from dial plan

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Wed Jan 21 10:36:43 CST 2009

I have a feature request...

We have two Asterisks, one for incoming and one for outgoing calls,
and a PBX of unknown type in the middle (typically Asterisk too, but
not always under our control.)

Incoming <=> Unknown <=> Outgoing

Some calls get passed from the Incoming to the Unknown and then back
out through Outgoing. I need to be able to transfer information from
Incoming to Outgoing for those calls, and I can reasonably count on
the cooperation of Unknown.

Easy, you say, just SipAddHeader on Incoming and Unknown, and read it
on Outgoing. Unfortunately the information passed is confidential (it
is actually information about caller ID's of calls with suppressed
Caller ID), and Unknown isn't allowed to see it.

What I need is a function which can generate a salt and a function
which can encrypt (with e.g. AES) a given string with a given key, and
of course a function to decrypt the string with that key.

Asterisk already has encryption functions, is there an easy way to
make those available to the dial plan?


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