[asterisk-dev] seanbright: tools/trunk r5656 - /tools/trunk/dahdi_monitor.c

Russell Bryant russell at digium.com
Wed Jan 14 09:01:52 CST 2009

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Sean Bright wrote:
>> The code in question is copying a string into the _middle_ of another
>> string, and strcpy would copy the null byte at the end of the source
>> string as well, resulting in the same situation we had with
>> dahdi_copy_string.  strncpy allows us to specifically exclude the
>> terminator.

Oops.  :)

> Then if you know exactly how many bytes you want to copy, and that the
> source string has that many bytes (you will not run off the end of the
> buffer), just use memcpy() :-)

Yeah, I'd go this route.  I find the fact that strncpy() does _not_ 
guarantee the null terminator to be kind of bizarre and unexpected.

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