[asterisk-dev] Conversion to C++ (groups/asterisk-cpp)?

David A. Burgess dburgess at jcis.net
Mon Jan 12 16:51:36 CST 2009

It's a legitimately useful exercise, though.  In the process of  
getting your C code to pass C++'s stricter type-checking, you might  
just learn something.

-- David

On Jan 12, 2009, at 2:34 PM, Russell Bryant wrote:

> Tony Mountifield wrote:
>> I've looked back through the list and cant see any discussion  
>> about it,
>> so I'm just curious about all the work going on in the asterisk-cpp
>> branch in SVN, and what the objective is for making the code compile
>> under C++ as well as (or instead of?) C.
> It's nothing more than "hey, I wonder how hard this would be ..."  
> right
> now.  We're just playing around, because we can.  C++ does come up in
> conversation regularly when discussing solutions to problems, so we  
> felt
> like seeing how hard it would be to get the tree to build with the C++
> compiler.
> There has been no discussion about it on the list, and there has  
> been no
> proposal to convert the official Asterisk tree to C++.
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