[asterisk-dev] Request for Testing: Issue 12312, DNS SRV lookups causing re-registrations problems

Leif Madsen leif.madsen at asteriskdocs.org
Fri Jan 9 08:23:35 CST 2009

There is a bug that has been sitting in the tracker for some time now, 
and it appears as though the original poster does not have the ability 
to test it. However the functionality looks like it might be useful for 
other people as well. Does anyone else have the ability to test this 
issue prior to it either being committed or suspended (the latter being 
more likely). Here is a description of the problem reported:

"SIP peer uses DNS SRV records which list multiple entries for 

Asterisk is selecting one and successfully registering with it. When 
attempting to re-register, Asterisk is not selecting the same host. 
Instead it is ALWAYS selecting another host, sending seven SIP REGISTER 
requests to it, then failing over to the next (correct) host, at which 
point the re-register succeeds. However, this process exceeds the 
registration expiry and the registration is timing out on every 
re-registration cycle."

I've updated the patch so it applies cleanly to trunk. I have not done 
any testing to determine if there are any adverse affects :)

The patch is 20080109_issue12312_trunk_3.diff

Leif Madsen.

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