[asterisk-dev] GPU Audio Codec Transcoding within Asterisk PBX

Felipe Bergo fbergo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 21:28:35 CST 2009

> The project started with transcoding g.711u to signed linear and the
> reverse. It was thought that performing other transcoding operations
> would be reasonably represented by this.

Huh ?

G711.u / G711.a <=> signed linear transcoding is a trivial table lookup with
no arithmetic workload whatsoever. It does not represent the CPU-intensive
transcoding operations such as G729 / iLBC / speex, which could benefit from
GPU implementations, nor any video codec.

A GPU implementation of G711<=>linear transcoding is probably wasting more
instructions to transfer data from and to the GPU board than required to
perform the transcoding in loco.

-- Felipe Bergo
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