[asterisk-dev] 1.4 and CDRs -- The Breaking Point

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Fri Feb 6 16:09:00 CST 2009

If you find the time, at some point please rewrite the ODBC stack of
technologies, specially func_odbc. It needs a revamping. Nobody can debug it
or really understand it. I stopped filing bugs on it, since Murphy found
impossible to fix one of them, one that he witnessed.


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Steve Murphy wrote:
> In short, I'm finding the current CDR system is too difficult
> to maintain. I'd rather spend my time rewriting the system
> into something that works as advertised, is simple to use,
> meets user's expectations, and can be maintained and 
> understood without an advanced post-doctorate degree.

I will take a look at the documents next week, but I wholeheartedly support

Leif Madsen.

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